Justice Rebooted

Justice Rebooted is a new mini-series examining the psychological side of virtual hearings. Using research into applied human performance, legal science and cyber-psychology, we answer all the big questions:


How will a virtual trial affect the judge/arbitrator's decision-making?

What's the best way to adapt advocacy to an online forum?

How does video-link impact the evaluation of witness testimony? 

Plus practical strategies and advice designed to optimise your virtual hearing. If you'd like to read more, click here to sign up.

Control, Alt, Judge

AUG 2020







In this paper, we put virtual hearings under the microscope. Explaining what's behind dreaded Zoom fatigue, why sticky notes have stuck and how you should be making tactical use of emojis.   





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Flying Cyber-Solo

OCT 2020







The social context is radically altered in virtual hearings. This paper considers how the absence of physical social presence affects both individual and team performance.   




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Virtual Witness

** NEW **







Virtual testimony is a topic which divides. When it comes to fact witnesses, how does the online environment impact our ability to judge credibility and is there any evidence for Pinocchio's nose? 



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