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Life After Lanyards: This is Your Brain on Lockdown
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Life After Lanyards is a mini-series of papers breaking down lockdown’s biggest challenges and explaining what’s going on inside our heads. For those short of time, it presents easy and practical science-based tips to help you adapt quickly and effectively to this new working life


Every day, people are asking for advice and guidance on how to maintain their motivation, mood and mojo during Covid-19. If you want to know the answers, take a look at the papers below and click here to sign up for further instalments.

Space: The First Frontier


March 2020






This paper explains why it is so important to separate work and life in lockdown, why we should ring in a new routine and how to build a new work structure quickly and effectively. 





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Code Red


April 2020








This paper takes a critical look at stress in lockdown and explains some simple science-backed steps to regain control when your brain orders a Code Red. 





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Your Mind Inc.


May 2020








This paper explores the surprising way to train a stressed out mind, and why meditation is an obvious first pick if you're looking for calm. 





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