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Modern Business Skills


Successful negotiation involves psychological alchemy on the fly. A complex and dynamic combination of magic words and behaviours, all served with a large dose of empathy. From start to finish, understanding the hidden influences in human thinking is essential to communicating with results.


This training spans several aspects of cognition, emotion and behaviour that will help you and your team prepare and execute the most effective conversations.


Topics include:


  • Developing emotional intelligence to build rapport strategically   

  • Core strategies to control our reactions in the moment 

  • The principle and neuroscience of fairness, and its use in negotiation

  • Specific strategies around price negotiations, offers and counter-coffers  

  • Using your voice to persuade and the surprising impact of body language

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Memory is a constructive process not a fixed reproduction. Our memories can be edited, enhanced or overwritten. It’s more like Wikipedia than YouTube. Understanding how and when our memories can be skewed or polluted is a must-have skill when you’re interviewing people about past events.


This training covers the most relevant findings from literature on human memory and applies that learning in the context of potentially contentious interviews.


Topics include:

  • The misinformation effect, including leading questions and anchoring

  • How false memories form and the effect of repeated interviews 

  • The witness conformity effect and the impact of biased reporting

  • Good practice for conducting interviews

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