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Performance & Well-Being

Performance under pressure


Mindset. It’s perhaps the single biggest factor between hitting an ace or a double-fault on Centre Court. But how much time do we spend actually training our mindset? 


Peak performance is a skill we can learn. This training gives you the how-to guide, explaining the main ingredients in a winning mindset, the surprising impact of our thoughts on our behaviour, and how we can harness our brain’s ability to change. We’ll share practical mind management strategies from high performers around the world.

Topics include:

  • Performance mindset and how to shift into it

  • How to harness the changeability of your brain 

  • Good stress, bad stress, and how to switch settings 

  • Coaching yourself with solutions-focused questions

  • The easy way to build good habits and break bad ones 

Cortex Capital - Perform under Pressure.
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Resilience & well-being

Stress is a fact of life. How we handle it is up to us. Decades of research on resilience show that it’s more than just a buzz word. Bouncing back quickly is a powerful life skill and a key component of emotional intelligence. 


This training teaches a range of strategies you can use to control your stress levels and snap back from life’s challenges. We’ll be covering emergency protocols and daily practices which have been tried and tested by elite athletes, business leaders, the military and many more.


Topics include:

  • Quick-starter guide to stress, explaining what it is and what it does to us

  • Emergency protocols to beat overwhelm and get stress under control 

  • Daily practices to boost your baseline wellbeing

  • Personal training for the mind

  • The easy way to build good habits and break bad ones

Thriving through the pandemic


Baseline levels of stress have been kicked up a notch by Covid-19 – and it's a challenge to maintain our mojo in isolation. We all know what to do to reduce the spread of the virus, but how can we boost our psychological immunity?  


Using insights from behavioural and brain science, this training provides practical tools and tips to help you and your team dial stress down and switch motivation up. We’ve selected the best strategies to target the trials of pandemic life. 


Topics include:

  • Understanding sources of stress in a pandemic 

  • How to handle overwhelm and find your calm

  • What to do when your mojo goes missing 

  • Personal training for the mind 

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