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Spicy submissions with psychological science

Persuading a judge or tribunal of your point – or changing their mind about the other side’s – isn’t always easy. Winning advocacy involves psychological alchemy. A complex combination of magic words and behaviours, with a large dose of empathy. 

This training distils the core elements of persuasion from scientific research, and applies them to oral advocacy. Spanning the range of human thinking and behaviour, including cognitive bias, nonverbal communication, emotion regulation, attention and memory.

Topics in this training include:


  • The why and how of impression management for advocates 

  • How to craft a case your decision-maker wants to hear

  • How stories and metaphor influence thinking and behaviour 

  • How to capture attention and create unforgettable arguments

  • Why and how to get inside the mind of the decision-maker

Cortex Capital - Oral Advocacy.jpg
Cortex Capital - Human Factors in Tech.j

People and technology

Any effective data strategy needs effective data capture first. But gathering the right inputs at the right time can be a big stumbling block – without proper analysis of people's underlying drivers and clever adjustments to the system. 

This training explores the invisible human influences on big data, with a focus on practical strategies designed to debug issues in data capture. 

Topics include: 

  • The hidden drivers that trigger our tech-behaviour

  • The science behind captivating tech-design 

  • What gets us hooked on certain products and platforms

  • How to design systems your team will want to use 

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