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Right now we’re delivering training courses and related Services around these four key topics. Get in touch if there's something else you're looking for.

Resilience, well-being & performance

Baseline levels of stress have been kicked up a notch by Covid-19 - and it's a challenge to maintain work mojo in isolation. We all know what to do to reduce the spread of the virus but how can we boost our psychological immunity?  


Using insights from behavioural and brain science, this training provides practical tools and tips to help you and your team perform under pressure. Covering both emergency protocols and daily practices from elite athletes, the military and more.


Topics include:

  • How to shift into performance mindset and the brain's innate ability to change

  • Quick-starter guide to stress, explaining what it is and what it does to us

  • Toolkit of easy, practical steps to boost resilience immediately

  • Science-guided advice on how to build good habits and break bad ones

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Diversity & inclusion


Organisations are struggling to create a sufficiently inclusive culture to attract - and retain - a diverse talent pool. We help shift your attitude and approach by developing a deep understanding of the psychological processes behind this complex issue.


Driven by data and science, naturally, this training is designed to appeal to everyone equally.


Topics include:

  • The formation of in-groups and out-groups and their effects on individuals’ thinking

  • Neuroscience behind social rejection and its impact on performance

  • The role of diversity on individual performance and collective intelligence

  • Practical strategies to promote inclusion and how to make behaviour change stick


Memory & interviewing

Our memory works like a dynamic log of information on Wikipedia rather than a film we can replay over and over. Understanding how and when our memories can be skewed, edited or polluted is a must-have skill when you’re interviewing people.


Our training covers the most relevant findings from literature on witness testimony and applies that learning in the context of contentious interviews including litigation, arbitration, employee, regulatory and compliance.


Topics include:

  • The misinformation effect (including leading questions, presuppositions and anchoring)

  • The formation of false memories

  • The witness conformity effect

  • Good practice for conducting contentious interviews

Cortex Capital Memory Interviewing Witne
Cortex Capital Negotiation Strategy.jpg



When it comes to negotiation, psychology is the sugar in the mix not the icing on the cake. From start to finish, understanding the hidden influences in human thinking will help everyone arrive at the best outcome.


This training outlines several aspects of cognition and behaviour that'll impact your preparation and strategy in any negotiation.


Topics include:

  • Framing for offers and counter-offers

  • Anchoring and strategic offers

  • Emotional intelligence and tactical empathy

  • The principle of fairness and the neuroscience of unfair offers




We like to believe that our decisions reflect beautifully rational and logically-crafted thinking. The truth is, our decision-making processes are often flawed in systematic and predictable ways. Professional judges and arbitrators are not immune.


This training explores the cognitive biases that can influence decision-making, and offers strategies to minimise their potential effects.


Topics include:

  • Influence of non-cognitive factors

  • Anchoring

  • Hindsight bias

  • Confirmation bias

  • Strategies to mitigate bias

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